Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Fire,

Ever since I was little, mommy said don't touch. So for a little while I listened, and I didn't play with fire. But everyone knows as soon as you tell a child not to do something, rest assured they will do it. I got bored of just watching and decided to put my hand in, just for a second. Real quick. No one would see. And it didn't even hurt! It was even a little bit fun. So I kept testing the limits. Doing it a little bit more every day, sure that I wouldn't get hurt. But finally one day I left my hand in too long. I forgot I'd even put it into the fire. And I got burned. But it was just a little burn, it only hurt for a few days. I left it alone for awhile, and it eventually got better. Then what do I do once it finally healed? I go straight back to playing with fire. Burning myself over and over again. Some days on purpose, and other days without even knowing it. When will I learn? Good little girls don't go playing with fire. Good little girls don't ever get burned. But for girls like me, even if it eventually heals, you'll still have the scars to remind you.