Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Toast,

I'm waiting around for it to pop. So I'm running around in the morning, trying to get everything just right. Trying to remember everything I need to do. Trying not to focus on the toast. When it finally pop ups, it startles me. I have to stop whatever I'm doing. I can't do anything until I get the toast out. It's nagging at me constantly. Go get the toast out. I can't ignore it all the time. It's impossible. Throughout the day, I can't get toast out of my head. Even though there's a million other things to eat, all I want is toast. It's stupid really. Toast is not that healthy for you. In fact it has very little nutritional value at all. If I eat toast every day for every meal, it gives me the shakes. Not good for the blood sugar. It's too distracting. So I go off the toast. As much as I can. But every morning, toast is still there. Taunting me. Tempting me. I could tell myself to quit eating breakfast...but breakfast is my favorite part of the morning! It's the most important meal. So where does that leave me and the toast?